Amsterdam is one of my favorite City’s in Europa.

I spent some days there in January 2009 and May 2010. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands with more than one million inhabitants a really big city. Attached you can find my highlights of this lovely city:

1st Place to be is the Anne Frank Huis

Amsterdam is famous for the hundreds of different museums. You can find there a museum for every stupid topic. My favorite one was the Anne Frank Huis. If you read the diary from Anne Frank it’s spectacular to see how she lived there in this small apartment during the Second World War. It’s unbelievable how they could be so silent with these stairs. It takes hours to get in, but I think it worth it.

2nd Thing to do: Take a canal tour

No visitor should miss a canal tour in Amsterdam. This tour gives you a wonderful first impression and you can see all the great houses with big windows and a lot more. It’s  another way to explore this city. You can start this tour next to the main station.

3rd Thing to Do: Pub Crawl

Like in every main city in Europe you can participate in a so called Pub Crawl. Pub Crawl is an attraction for tourists from all over the world, so you can meet other tourists and explore together the pubs & clubs of this city. In Amsterdam the pub crawl starts at the Leidseplein and you get for 30 EUR a T shirt, a beer or wine in every club and you see the nightlife and meets new friends for free.


4th place to be Oude Kerk during the World Press Exhibition

In Springtime there is the best exhibition I’ve ever seen  in my whole life in Amsterdam. The world press exhibition shows the best press pictures in a spectacular place, the Oude Kerk. These  impressive pictures mixed with the special ambience in this church is absolutely great. The exhibition is in every large city in Europe, but no one can replace this one in Amsterdam. Before you travel to Amsterdam, check the dates, it’s so meaningful.

5th place to be is the Heiniken Museum

This place is a must do for all beer drinkers. You get two Heineken beers free. I never drink beer, but I think this was also an interesting museum. This was the most modern brewery experience I’ve ever had. Also the website tells you: this is not a museum, this is an experience, where you activly learn a lot about beer, history, marketing, and a lot of other things. They are also nice bars inside and the souvenir shop has also a wide range of gifts and memorabilia For me this was the most interesting part with all the  marketing from Heineken, because they are really good at this.

6th place to eat is the Pancake Corner

I love pancakes! On the stop Leidseplein you will see the house with the letters „Pancake Corner“. Here you have a huge variety of different pancakes. They have all sorts, whatever you prefer, sweet or savoury , you will find the best pancakes in Amsterdam. I ordered the same one every morningPancakes with fresh strawberries, delicious!

You can also eat burgers, spare-ribs and  lots of other things. In the evening you can watch the sport on large screens and drink a beer.

7th place to see De Wallen

De Wallen is the very famous red-light district in Amsterdam. It’s located in the heart of the oldest part of the city.On my first visit I couldn’t find it, but it wasn’t so important for me. If you are in Amsterdam, you surely have to visit thisbecause it’s a famous part, but I think the whole thing there is  more doubtful than nice.

But there are funny stores there, and during the day it’s not so horrible.

So that’s my Blog about Amsterdam with my 7 Favorite things in Amsterdam.

This time I will not recommend any hotels, because I always slept in transient hotels. The Hotel Leidseplein had a great location, but the rooms were grungy and very old.

The next time I will sleep on a houseboat:) And I also want to rent a bike and explore Amsterdam by cycling so let’s wait for the second Blog from Amsterdam.

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